Former Guns N’ Roses manager Doug Goldstein claimed in a new Guns N’ Roses Central podcast interview that many years ago he attempted to help Jerry Cantrell’s girlfriend facilitate a drug intervention for the Alice In Chains singer/guitarist. While a timeframe isn’t specified, Cantrell struggled with drug use in the late 90’s and got clean in the early 2000s’. Alternative Nation transcribed Goldstein’s comments.

So I get a call from Cantrell’s girlfriend.

‘Doug, I hear you know a lot about rehab and stuff.’

‘Yeah, what’s up?’

‘Well, we’re afraid Jerry is going to die?’

‘What’s going on?’

‘Well, a lot of blow.’

‘Okay. Well look, in my observation with these guys, you can’t do a hard intervention. You do an intervention, and I can get you all the guys for it. You do the intervention where you’re crying, honey it’s hurting my heart, I’m afraid you’re going to die, you can’t go at him hard.’

‘Thanks, you can help me with that?’

‘Yeah sure, this guy Bob Timmons, he helped Aerosmith, he’s tried to help me a number of times. I’ll give you his phone number and you can set it up.’

That’s on a Friday, on a Monday my phone rings. [Someone] says [to me], ‘Hey Doug, it’s Jerry Cantrell.’ Uh oh. So I answered the phone.


‘Doug Goldstein?’


‘Jerry Cantrell.’

‘Yeah Jerry, how can I help you buddy?’

‘Have we ever met?’

‘Not to my knowledge.’

‘So you don’t know me, and I don’t you know, is that right?’


‘Then stay out of my fucking life.’

‘Pardon me?’

‘Yeah, fuck you. Fuck off, stay out of my fucking life, kiss my ass.’

‘Jerry look, I got a phone call from your girlfriend, a lot of people are concerned about you, that’s it, no more or less.’

‘Yeah well lose my fucking information. If you ever fucking get involved in my life again, I’m gonna fucking kill you.’

‘Okay Jerry, have a nice life buddy.’


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