Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose checks in to thank fans for their support after he was taken ill in Abu Dhabi over the weekend

Last weekend, Guns N’ Roses closed out the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix with a set in the UAE.

However, the band were forced to cut their set short due to illness affecting frontman Axl Rose, who said he had to have “a bunch of injections” and had been sick for hours before the show.

Now the vocalist has checked in to thank fans for their support and says he’ll be ready for their show at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa, on November 29.

Rose says: “Wanna thank all the fans, the band and everyone for their concern and well wishes! In Johannesburg with plenty of time to be ready for the show!

“This flu or whatever is a wild ride! Comes in waves. You are OK until you’re not!”

He adds: “Felt lame explaining myself earlier on at the gig but really didn’t know how things would play out and we really wanted to do our best for the fans. Was a great crowd, awesome venue, cool stage – with a gentle breeze in the desert!

“Thanks again and hope anyone’s not to disappointed – and we look forward to see everyone again in the UAE!”

Guns N’ Roses still managed to play close to two hours despite Axl’s illness, with bassist Duff McKagan later saying: “Thank you Abu Dhabi! Axl pulled a damn miracle. The man was beyond ill, and pulled off something I’ve never seen in my 40 years of playing. You all pulled him through. Until next time!”





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