“It was my title and it was about Ozzy.”

Classic Ozzy Osbourne bassist Bob Daisley reacted to Ozzy Osbourne’s claims that he wrote “Suicide Solution” about late AC/DC vocalist Bon Scott. Chatting with The Metal Voice, Bob insisted that he was the one who wrote the lyrics, which were interestingly enough about Ozzy himself

“He’s dreaming [that it’s about Bon Scott]. [Laughs] I knew Bon Scott. Bon Scott died after I’d written the lyrics for ‘Suicide Solution.’

“It was my title and it was about Ozzy. It was inspired by Ozzy’s drinking, because he was drinking himself into oblivion lots of days and it was affecting him. I even had a talk with him about it one day. He was getting drunk during the day.

“I said, ‘What happens if we find a drummer that we really like and we want him in the band and he thinks, ‘No, fuck this!’?’ Ozzy’s drunk all the time. The band was unknown and has just been signed and Ozzy didn’t have the best reputation in the world after being fired from Black Sabbath of being professional or reliable.

“But ‘Suicide Solution’ – it was inspired by how Ozzy was with his drinking and that. I wrote those lyrics about his drinking, or as a warning to anybody that’s drinking themselves into an early grave. How he’s got the audacity to say that he wrote the lyrics about Bon Scott when he didn’t write any of the lyrics?!”

Focusing on the 1986 lawsuit filed against Ozzy by parents of John McCollum, a depressed teenager who committed suicide allegedly after listening to “Suicide Solution,” Daisley added:

“They were being sued by that young lad’s family that killed himself. Because he had that record on his turntable when they came home when he shot himself. And in those days it was vinyl, and the side that had been playing was the side that had ‘Suicide Solution’ on it. ‘Suicide Solution’ wasn’t about advising anybody to kill themselves, it was about advising people against killing themselves with alcohol.

“I remember I had to talk to their lawyers at the time. If I hadn’t written the lyrics, they wouldn’t have come to me. But their lawyers came to me to get a statement about what the song was about, because I’ve written the lyrics.

“So I did a statement for them and that must have been read out in court. And I told them it’s not advising anybody to kill themselves, I wrote that as a warning against killing yourself with alcohol and that’s all the song was about.”

During the rest of the chat, Bob was asked about the similarities between “Mr. Crowley” and Black Sabbath’s “Johnny Blade,” to which he replied:

“The keyboard intro came from a guy that worked with Jet records before. This whole story’s in my book, I even name him, I won’t now.

“When we were doing ‘Crowley’ he did a little intro. I’ve got it on tape, I’ve got all those writing sessions on tape. People call it The Holy Grail because it’s the writing and rehearsals of all those songs when we were first putting them together.

“On one of the tapes is his keyboard intro to ‘Mr. Crowley.’ Now it’s very similar to what Don Airey did. Don Airey embellished it and elaborated on it, but the basis of it came from that guy that came down to Monmouth, we were in Monmouth. It was sort of living situation when we were writing and auditioning drummers.

“This guy was sent by Jet Records to come down and have a play with us and he did this little intro to ‘Crowley.’ So I had the tape of it and I played it to Don Airey. And when we went into Ridge Farm [Studio] to record the song Don have embellished and elaborated on that keyboard solo that this guy had done. But like I said, that whole story is in my book.”

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