Carlos Cavazo reportedly not interested in continuing in Ratt with Warren DeMartini out of the band.

The Ratt saga continues hot and heavy with month. First of all, Ratt frontman Stephen Pearcy was successful with his motion for summary judgment as against the plaintiff corporation WBS, Inc. controlled by drummer Bobby Blotzer, which followed bassist Juan Croucier‘s earlier successful summary judgment motion against Blotzer‘s WBS, Inc.

Second of all, Ratt guitarist Warren DeMartini was apparently fired from the group by Pearcy and Croucier as first reported by Metal Sludge.

Third of all, Blotzer broke his silence to announce that despite his court defeats to Pearcy and Croucier, litigation with respect to Ratt is far from over.

Now, guitarist Carlos Cavazo is reportedly not interested in continuing in Ratt with DeMartini out of the band.

The following is an excerpt of the Metal Sludge article posted earlier today:

“In yet another stunning move, an insider says “Carlos Cavazo is gone from Ratt.”

Metal Sludge reached out to Cavazo direct, and he took our call and went on record, that he is gone from the band Ratt.

“As long as Warren (DeMartini) is not there, I don’t see myself doing. I can’t picture anyone else being there other than Warren.” says Cavazo

Cavazo adds, “The same goes for the other guys as well, Pearcy and Croucier. If they fell off, I wouldn’t want to be involved.”“

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