Your parents warned you not to listen to metal for a reason.

Whether you enjoy mosh pits or not, you can’t deny that they are one of the most notable parts of rock and metal culture. The trend of moshing started back in the early 1980s in the US hardcore punk scene. It quickly spread to other aggressive sounding genres, most notably thrash metal. And to this day, the moshing is an essential part of many metal concerts.

Throughout the years moshing took various forms, like circle pits and so-called “walls of death,” but the principle remains the same – energetic and aggressive form of dancing with full body contact. Well, the term “dancing” would seem kind of unusual, but we could say that moshing is the metal equivalent of dancing. Of course, most of the mosh pits have a friendly atmosphere and many fans usually try to be supportive and not hurt anybody, although nasty things do happen sometimes.

But just like anything that involves a relatively large number of people in one particular area, moshing has its crazy and funny moments. So today, we will be checking out some of the craziest and weirdest things involving mosh pits.

Dude With Trash Can Enters Mosh Pit

This strange incident happened on Vans Warped Tour in Orlando, Florida back in June 2017. Apparently, regular moshing wasn’t interesting enough for some concertgoers so one of them placed a trash can over his head and got into a mosh pit. Seems reasonable.

Mattress Crowd Killer

Crowd killing is a unique form of art. While not really unusual for hardcore and metalcore gigs, there was this dude at an unspecified live show that came up with the best possible way to practice this craft. Even though the venue was totally packed, this guy somehow managed to get a mattress and throw it right on top of some excited audience members.

This Guy Trying to Hold His Drink

If you’re going to a metal festival and plan on standing near the stage, you should expect mosh pits and walls of death. Well, this guy seems kind of lost, since he’s trying not to spill his drink in a middle of a wall of death. You can see the dude at around 0:50 but watching the entire video gives a better effect.

Rowing Mosh Pits

You know, doing sports and eating healthy and all that other stuff is really good for you. Well, it seems heavy music fans took that quite seriously and have come up with a new kind of moshing – if this could be called moshing at all. Anyway, here are some lovely metal people rowing at a Masters of Rock 2016

Dying Fetus Spreading Ashes of Deceased Fan in a Mosh Pit
This is one of those situations that is both crazy and touching at the same time. Dying Fetus fan from Illinois named Nick passed away back in early 2016. His last wish was to have his ashes scattered on stage during the band’s show. Death metal legends, of course, granted his wish in March that same year. Later they added:

“We just scattered nicks ashes in the pit for his favorite song, ‘Homicidal Retribution,’ may he RIP. Rest in the pit.”



Woman With a Baby in Wall Of Death

Back in 2011 during Suicidal Angels’ set at Metaldays festival in Tolmin, Slovenia a woman was seen carrying a baby into a wall of death. Fortunately, no one got hurt as some metal fans were caring enough to escort the woman out of the mosh pit


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