More than four months after releasing their cover of Depeche Mode‘s song “Personal Jesus”, Def Leppard have now released a video for their version of the track first released back in 1989.

Billboard premiered the video yesterday and provided the following comments from Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell:

“‘Jesus’ is the sort of classic song that can be interpreted in many ways and as Def Leppard has always been the kind of band that can blend genres, it was an easy choice for us. It was that or ABBA!”

Speaking to RollingStone back in July 2018, Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott stated the following about re-recording their songs to thwart Universal:

“Our contract is such that they can’t do anything with our music without our permission, not a thing… So we just sent them a letter saying, ‘No matter what you want, you are going to get “no” as an answer, so don’t ask.’ That’s the way we’ve left it. We’ll just replace our back catalogue with brand new, exact same versions of what we did.”

Def Leppard‘s “Personal Jesus” video:


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