Hardline consisting of singer Johnny Gioeli, keyboardist Alessandro Del Vecchio, guitarist Mario Percudani, bassist Anna Portalupi and drummer Marco Di Salvia have released their cover of the Queen song “Who Wants To Live Forever” which will be on their upcoming new studio album Life, which will be released via Frontiers Music Srl on April 26, 2019.

The following message was posted on Hardline‘s Facebook page yesterday:


As promised, here is Hardline’s cover of the iconic Queensong “Who Wants to Live Forever.” The track will appear on the band’s sixth studio album, LIFE, as a tribute to singer Freddie Mercury and QueenLIFE is releasing on April 26, 2019.

From Johnny….
In 1991, I was recording the most career-changing and musically creative projects of my life –Hardline’s “Double Eclipse”. During the recording of this album, we lost one of the most epic, talented, unique, creative and authentically real humans – singer and songwriter, Freddie Mercury. I was certainly a Queen fan, but never focused on the intricate details of the music and the band. In 1993, Hardline was on tour with the band Extreme in the UK, and I had the pleasure to perform at Wembley Arena and meet the great Brian May. What a gentleman. Humble. Real. Talkative. Human. I still envision my girlfriend (now wife) sitting with him and his wife in the catering area having dinner, chatting and laughing. I’m looking and thinking..OMG. that’s Brian May!!!! It will live in my mind forever.

Here we are 25+ years later, and I feel the need to pay tribute to one of the greatest singers ever. I did this to pay homage to Freddie, as so many of us singers understand his worth in the history of rock and roll. The new movie certainly added to the inspiration.

Please enjoy Hardline’s version of “Who Wants To Live Forever.” I hope I have done Freddie and Queen proud in this remake. I poured my heart and soul into every word as best I could. I hope you feel the same. Thank you for listening. Please share this song today, tomorrow and the next, and please remember Freddie Mercury.”

Interestingly, Sleaze Roxx saw Gioeli perform solo at the Rock N Skull Festival in late October 2016 and stated as follows in its concert review: “The surprise of the night for me was Hardline‘s lead vocalist Johnny Gioeli who on this night was also referring himself as “Karaoke Johnny.” “Karoake Johnny” you may ask? Yes. To my horror, Gioeli showed up on stage with his iPhone providing the music as his backing band. Now normally, I would be almost disgusted in seeing that. However, once Gioeli started singing, all of my negative thoughts about his upcoming karaoke performance evaporated. The reason why? Gioeli may well be the best singer that I have ever heard live. Wow! Can that man sing! Not only can he sing just about any song including a cover from the almost untouchable deceased Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, he also had great stage presence and interaction with the crowd.”

Hardline‘s cover of Queen‘s “Who Wants To Live Forever” video:

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