“It’s too serious,” the singer said.

After saying he “didn’t have a great time” on Black Sabbath’s final tour, Ozzy Osbourne made another not-so-positive comment about the farewell trek, telling Rolling Stone during a recent interview:

“With Sabbath, all I am is a singer with a band. This [solo career] is a different thing. I’ve got a lot of freedom and I have fun with it.

“It’s not allowed to have fucking fun with Sabbath. It’s too serious.

“Tony [Iommi] was trying to have a go at me, saying, ‘Don’t fucking talk over my solos.’ I go, ‘OK, are you sure? ‘Cause most of the fucking song is solos. The intro to the song is fuckin’ five minutes and then I sing for about two seconds and then it’s another one.’

“With my own thing, I’m looking to have fun, and that’s what music’s about for me. I’m not a serious fucking singer. I’m just a frontman who’s trying to get the crowd going in front.”

Last month, Ozzy told The Inquirer:

“I didn’t have a great time. I spent nine or 10 years in Sabbath, but I’d been away from them for over 30 years.

“With them, I’m just a singer. With me, I get to do what I want to do. I was getting bad vibes from them for being Ozzy. I don’t know, what the fuck else can I be?”

Iommi’s response was:

“I saw that, but I don’t know what he meant. I had a great time on the last tour playing with the guys, and Ozzy never mentioned anything to me. He seemed to enjoy it and we had a laugh, so I don’t know. So I think possibly that quote was taken out of context.”

You can watch Black Sabbath playing “Paranoid” as the last song of the last show on their farewell tour in the embedded player below.

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