“Oh, here I am, badmouthing another musician again,” the guitarist says.

Ozzy Osbourne’s former guitarist Jake E. Lee, who was briefly a member of Ratt in 1980 and 1981, has shot down the rumors that he was approached to rejoin Ratt earlier this year and replace Warren DeMartini.

Jake said during an appearance on Talking Metal (via Blabbermouth):

“No, that never came up. “That was never gonna happen. That all came from [Ratt drummer] Bobby Blotzer, from a specific interview.

“Nobody really cares what Bob has to say. Oh, here I am, badmouthing another musician again… But nobody does. He went out with a version of Ratt that was not Ratt.

“And through people in the industry I know, he was paid a lot of money and club owners were very unhappy with him because they thought they were hiring Ratt to play, and then it would just be a band Bobby Blotzer put together doing cover songs, really.

“I think Bobby just made that up so that it would be a talking point, so it would be a headline – and it did; it became that.

“I get along with Stephen [Pearcy, Ratt singer] alright – mainly because I’m not in a band with him. ‘Cause I was in Ratt before, and the reason I quit was Stephen. But I get along with him fine.

“But he knows that I wouldn’t rejoin Ratt, and he knows that Warren and I have been best friends forever, and I would never take his place in the band. And nobody should, really. It’s not Ratt without Warren.

“It’s sad… It’s sad what Ratt is today.”

During his time in Ratt, Lee made no studio appearances with the band.

Jake and his band Red Dragon Cartel are set to release their second album “Patina” on November 9. You can check out the “Havana” single below.

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