“I really think the time has gone.”

After sharing several calls for Led Zeppelin reunion over the past several years, Jimmy Page admitted the iconic act is likely done for good, telling Planet Rock about a potential reunion (via MusicWeek):

“I very much doubt it. You’ve just got to face facts. We’ve gone past the 10th anniversary of the 02 [show], where we managed to do one serious concert. “That’s the only thing that we’ve done for such a long time, so I very much doubt we’ll do anything else. I really think the time has gone.”

During a recent interview with 91.9 WFPK, Robert Plant said about a potential reunion or working with Page on new music:

“I have no idea. It’s not even within my countenance to imagine it, really.”

After the interviewer said that Led Zeppelin is still “near and dear to the hearts” of many fans, Plant replied: 

“Me too – nobody more than me. But I don’t wanna do it a disservice either.”

Mr. Page also said fans can still expect “new” Zeppelin releases, including a live album, saying:

“I can’t give the game away, but there’s a recording that’s another multi-track that we’ll release. It’s so different to all the other things that are out there.“It’s another view compared to ‘How the West Was Won’ or ‘The Song Remains the Same.’ I’m looking forward to people hearing that”. “There’s a lot of stuff to come out, a number of releases. I’d like to say that they’ll be coming out over the next 10 years. There’s more to come for sure.”

Focusing on the upcoming book “Led Zeppelin by Led Zeppelin,” due in October, Jimmy added:

“I’m really pleased that we’re all doing it collectively because there are so many other people doing books. There’s about ten that I know of that are coming, which is pretty ridiculous! “It will be really good to have an authoritative book, where the band are actually contributing to it rather than being ripped off.”

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