John William best known by the stage name John 5, Who has played with Bands David Lee Roth and metal group Marilyn Manson and who is currently with The Horror Rock band Rob Zombie.

John 5 sits down with Hard Rock historian Jeff Nolan for a deep dive into guitar nerditry. In this video, he plays Jimi Hendrix’s SG Custom, Brian Jones’s iconic Vox Mk. III “Teardrop”, Paul Kossoff’s ’57 Les Paul Jr., Paul Stanley’s Ibanez Iceman, the ’58 Les Paul from the cover of the Stones’ live classic ‘Get You Ya Ya’s Out’, Jason Becker’s Peavey “Numbers” guitar, Duane Allman’s Telecaster (the one he used on Wilson Pickett’s “Hey Jude”) and John’s own 1967 Telecaster Custom. This one was a labor of love. Hope you enjoy it.


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