KORN frontman Jonathan Davis spoke to Two Doods Reviews about his forthcoming solo album, which is expected later in the year via Sumerian. You can now watch the chat below.

Asked how much of the album brings him back 10 years ago when he first started working on it, Davis said: “When I listen to it, I think back 10 years [ago], but I consciously tried to make this record timeless. I didn’t know I was doing it at the time, but I can listen to it now and it sounds current now. And I did it 10 years ago. And I think it’s the mixture, this hybrid of all kind of world music and taking what I’ve learned with KORN, and using new stuff, new-school layering with my son and his partner; they did the layering, all the layering on the record. So there’s all kinds of new-school techniques. It’s all over the place. When I listen to it, it does take me back, but it’s also… I’ve changed a lot of it to make it more current. And I don’t know… I’m really proud of it. I listen to it and go, ‘That doesn’t sound like 2007 to me,’ or whatever. It’s just a good song.”

According to Davis, his KORN bandmates have been very supportive of his decision to release a solo album and tour behind it this year. “They’re all happy for me,” he said. “They all say they’re happy for me. We’re like a family. There’s no egos or weird stuff in my band. They’ve all each put something else [out]. Head’s [guitar] got his band, Munky [guitar] put out something, Fieldy’s [bass] put out his bass solo record, and Ray [Luzier, drums] does his KXM thing. So we’re so happy, we all support each other.”

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