“Played so-so.”

Drummer Lars Ulrich shared a few words and pictures through his social channels to mark the 37th anniversary of Metallica’s very first live concert.

The musician wrote:

“37 years ago today, March 14 ’82, the ‘Tallica played our first live show ever at a joint called Radio City in Anaheim, California.

“As you can tell from the notes in my diary, it was my first gig ever and I was ‘very nervous.'(!)

“Additionally, you eagle-eyed observers may notice that there’s not a lot of ‘Tallica originals being performed here at the first outing, but almost all NWOBHM covers, most of which ended up being recorded later along the way and showing up on various Garage releases…

“Here for your viewing pleasure is a picture of your Danish drummer from later in ’82 still playing my first Camco kit (there are no pictures that exist from the first gig), the OG flyer, the setlist in my handwriting and a page from my diary describing the antics of the evening!

“Happy Live Debut Anniversary! Who would’ve thought…”

The attached photos include the concert’s setlist and a few remarks from Ulrich. The note reads:

“Crowd: ca. 75

“Pay: $15

“Remarks: 1st gig ever. Very nervous. Only band. Dave [Mustaine] broke a string on the first song. Played so-so!!! Went down pretty good.”

You can check out the full post below.


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