LIMP BIZKIT is preparing to enter the studio to begin recording its sixth studio album.

Guitarist Wes Borland said in an Instragram post that the original plan was to start the follow-up to 2011’s “Gold Cobra” last weekend, but wildfires in Southern California forced him and his bandmates to delay the process by a few days.

Borland says: “Getting warmed up to actually make a brand new LIMP BIZKIT album. We would have started last Saturday but were displaced by the fires and lost some gear. Getting back on our feet and in the studio within the week.”

Earlier this week, Wes posted a video of a home on fire, saying: “My pedalboard, two guitars, two amps, a 2×12 cabinet, several other pedals and misc equipment were inside this house.” LIMP BIZKIT frontman Fred Durst also implied on Instagram that he lost his home in the flames.

Since the arrival of “Gold Cobra” seven years ago, LIMP BIZKIT issued four singles and promised to release a full-length collection of new material called “Stampede Of The Disco Elephants”. That album never surfaced.

LIMP BIZKIT and Lil Wayne‘s collaborative single, “Ready To Go”, was made available in July 2013. The track was released via Cash MoneyLil Wayne‘s longtime record company.

LIMP BIZKIT in 2011 parted ways with Interscope, the label that released all of the band’s records thus far through its subsidiaries FlipGeffen and Suretone Records.




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