Discussing his upcoming debut solo album “Year of the Tiger” – which revolves around the death of his father back in 1974 – Myles Kennedy revealed his family home was burglarised soon after his dad’s passing,

“So they broke in and stole a bunch of stuff. It was a real drag for my mom. That was kind of one of the things that motivated her, that this is time to head out. You know, we’re gonna leave Boston and start over somewhere else.

“My dad was really into Hi-Fi stuff, like stereo stuff back in the time. So he built his own speaker cabinets. And apparently he was really proud of those. But they stole those.

“It would be so cool if those were still around, my dad built those. But those punks stole my dad’s stuff.

“We ended up going to Wisconsin, just outside of Milwaukee. And we were there for a couple of years, and to this day I have fond memories of the cheese. [Laughs]

“And then the craziest thing happened – she was setup on a blind date with this guy in Nezperce, Idaho. So she flew to meet this gentleman in Spokane, Washington. They spent like a weekend hanging out, and three days later they were engaged. They fell in love quick and they’re still married after all this time.

“So Glenn – that’s why my last name is now Kennedy, because he adopted me and he treated both me and my brother as one of his own. That’s one of the greatest things that’s ever happened to me.

“You hear all these horror stories about guys that come in to the family and they’re mean to the kids and they want the kids gone, they’re just interested in their mother. So we totally won the lottery there.”

“Year of the Tiger” is due out on March 9 via Napalm Records, you can check out the title track and “Haunted By Design” in the embedded players below

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