“He knew what he was doing. I miss him being around,” the Black Sabbath singer says.

During a conversation with Metal Hammer, Ozzy Osbourne remembered what late Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister told him shortly before he left us back in December 2015.

Ozzy said:

“Before he died, he said to me, ‘Well, I could have had 10 more years if I did all the proper things, but I did things my way…’ He knew what he was doing. I miss him being around.”

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Focusing on himself, Osbourne added:

“If you’d said to me years ago, ‘How long do you think you’ll last?’, I would’ve said, ‘I’ll be dead by 40!’ Luck has shadowed me all the way.

“If you’d read a news story that said, ‘Ozzy Osbourne has been found dead in his hotel room!’, you wouldn’t go, ‘Oh, really?’ would you? You’d say, ‘Well, obviously!'”

He also said:

“I’ve fallen out of life shafts and windows. I broke my neck on a quad bike. There was one time when I died twice on the way to the hospital. I might be unsinkable!”

Ozzy later concluded:

“We all have regrets. I wouldn’t change any of it because it was all my destiny. I believe in fate. One day you’re down on your luck and the next you’re flying high. If I hadn’t done things the way I did, it would be a different story.”

During the rest of the conversation, the singer said about sobering up:

“I don’t drink any more, I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs… and I like it! I never thought I’d see the day where Ozzy Osbourne says he prefers being clean and sober, but so far, so good! I’m definitely singing better than I have been.”

Asked about his future plans, Ozzy replied:

“I’d love to make an album, but it costs so much to make a record. Then kids go, ‘OK, I’ll steal that,’ and that’s it. But I do want to make one. I’ve got 10 ideas for songs. And the thing is, I have to like it. …

“This tour has been great and we’re having a fucking blast. If listening to my music or watching a show has given someone a better day, that’s a great feeling.”

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