KISS guitarist Paul Stanley once again believes the band should continue without a single original member. The musician told 955 KLOS (via Blabbermouth)

“Eric’s [Singer, drums] been in the band 20-something years off and on, and Tommy’s [Thayer, guitar] been in 15 years. So the people who initially thought, ‘Well, it’s gotta be the original four guys,’ they’re already 50 percent wrong.

“I think that KISS is a concept, it’s an ideal, it’s a way of performing and giving to an audience, and that goes far beyond me.

“I’m a big fan of mine – I think I’m really good at what I do – but it doesn’t mean there’s not somebody else out there who can bring something to the band. Not a clone, not somebody copying me, but I was influenced by a lot of people, so there’s people out there who are influenced by me.

Directly asked if this means KISS can will continue without original members, Stanley replied:

“I really believe it will, I believe it can, and I believe it should.

“You know, KISS DNA is in every live show – from rap to rock to you call it what it is. Special effects, a way of entertaining an audience – that’s what we’ve always been about: being the band we never saw.

“Once audiences started seeing what was possible, they wouldn’t accept less from a lot of other bands. So I believe that nobody does it better than us, and nobody will continue to do it better than us.”

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