“If I’m not on tour I’m in the studio writing anyway,” the guitarist says.

During a conversation with Full Metal Jackie, guitarist Richard Kruspe was asked on what Rammstein is planning after their new album is released, which will likely happen this spring.

The musician replied:

“We’ll be on tour probably for the next three or four years. We start with the first European tour before we come to America and then we go to Australia, then probably back to Europe. It’s gonna be a lot of touring, basically.

“We’re also preparing ourselves for doing some videos. We’re going to shoot probably like, five videos for the new Rammstein record.

“Besides that, I’m probably always in the studio writing new songs or trying different things so I’m always – if I’m not on tour I’m in the studio writing anyway.”

Work on the next Rammstein album sounds like it was done in a more natural collaborative fashion with everyone all together at once. What’s different about this process?

“Yes, I mean at the beginning I wasn’t convinced of actually doing another Rammstein record because it’s so painful and like, they’re… The last time we almost broke up doing that kind of procedure, and I was very, very nervous about it.

“In the beginning, we took all the pressure away. We say – let’s just get back together, and do maybe two or three songs and see how that works, and then we started, and I must say, something happened between us.

“While doing it or getting back together, we kind of developed respect like some kind of faith in each other that all of a sudden I realized that feels like the beginning that we had. All of a sudden the circle was closing.

“It took us like, three years actually [laughs] to finish the whole thing but I think what I was trying to do, what we were trying to do with Rammstein was try to get a little bit away of that Rammstein fire, pyrotechnics.

“I always felt like we needed to have a balance between that kind of thing and the music. All of a sudden the fire was overshadowing the whole musical work of Rammstein.

“What we tried to do on the new Rammstein record was to bring that love of music above again. I’m very happy. I’m satisfied with the result and I’m also satisfied that we are kind of developing a work method that shows respect to each other. We listen. We talk a lot, and it was a great experience.”

Rammstein set a record for ticket sales for next summer’s European tour. What’s the commonality that makes Rammstein popular in so many different countries?

“I think it is the visual expectation, even though you don’t really listen to the music, it gives you visual satisfaction that you don’t really have in other rock bands. We combine so many visual effects with the music that – in over a way that nobody else has.

“They’ve tried to do it but somehow Rammstein managed to bring it to a certain level that it’s hard to top, actually. We’re thinking now, what can we do in a stadium that’s the same, but top any other shows that we’ve had or the other tours.

“It’s almost like, you have a big bag full of stuff that you can’t get rid of it. You’re stuck in a way. It’s very hard to fulfill that need.”

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