KillcodeRock Band KILLCODE Whats Their Plans For 2018?

Rockrebel recently discussed with Tom Morrissey and Erric Bonesmith of The American Rock Band KILLCODE asking what their plans are for 2018.

KILLCODE are an American rock band that hail from NYC. Their unique sound and style has been described as Southern Infused Rock/ Metal. They were founded back in 2008 by vocalist Tom Morrissey and guitarist Chas Laid. Other Band Members are DC Gonzales Guitar, Erric Bonesmith Bass/ Backing Vocals and Rob Noxious Drums.

KILLCODE represents the present and the future of the Hard Rock music scene thanks to their ability to create music that is both fresh and exciting. In 2012, KILLCODE unleashed their self-titled album.

Rockrebel: Thanks Guys for taking time out from your busy schedule.

What are you plans for the future?

Tom: KILLCODE are always writing and recording, so we def’n plan to release new music this year. It could be an EP or another full-length album. So far with the amount of song ideas we have, I’d guess another full-length album. We also plan to shoot new music videos with our long-time collaborator and director David Swajeski. We also plan to tour and return to some of the countries that we’ve been fortunate enough to play in 2016 and 2017. Planning to add some new places and countries to that list as well. So basically, our plans for the future is to continue Spreading the CODE!”

Do you plan on returning to the UK in 2018?

Tom:We def’n hope and plan to return soon! KILLCODE played in the UK twice in 2017 and the response was great. We met a lot of awesome people and we love that the Rock fans in the UK are very passionate about their music!”

We then asked Tom and Erric a few questions about influences, Touring etc.

Who are your musical icons/influences?

Tom:We share a lot of similar musical influences but we also have and come from different influences as well. I’m a fan of bands like Led Zeppelin, Jane’s Addiction, Queen, The Beach Boys, and The Who, Alice in Chains and Old School R&B /Hip Hop. Personally, I dig all kinds of music. If it’s a great/well written song, I most likely can take something away from it regardless of Genre. :::KILLCODE::: is a sum of all our influences”.

Which musicians do you admire?

Erric:There are so many guys and gals that I look up to. I think the best way for me to answer that is to say that I admire any artists who stick to their guns and don’t chase fads and those who are real people and who are GOOD people. Unfortunately, in the music business, there are a few select assholes who think that they are above everyone else. I can’t understand living like that. :::KILLCODE::: are out in the crowd after EVERY show that we have ever played whether that be 75 people or 75,000”.

What song do you most remember from childhood?

Erric:My life has always been filled with music. From my mother teaching me piano and listening to contemporary music to riding in my father’s truck listening to Charlie Daniels, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams…..There are so many songs that stand out……My older brother really turned me on to hard rock with Van Halen, Aerosmith and Black Sabbath. I guess if I had to pick one song that changed everything, it would be the song BLACK SABBATH. Those opening chords…. heavy as fuck…. the haunting verses and that galloping end…. that shaped me and it’s STILL one of my favourite songs”.

If you could play any venue in the world where would it be?

Tom:Hmm… That’s a tough one. I really enjoy playing wherever there is a passionate crowd! But if I had to name a few, being a native New Yorker, Madison Square Garden in NYC would be at the top of that list and it’s also a dream of mine to play at Wembley Stadium in the U.K”.   

What & where was the first concert/ gig you played?

Tom:For me it was at a small bar/club in NYC called Nightingales. If you mean KILLCODE, it was in a club (name escapes me) in Long Island NY playing with Evan Seinfeld’s (Bio Hazard) band The Spyderz”.

What was the first tune you learned?

Erric: “I started my musical journey on piano, being taught by my Mum, so I learned Chopsticks and Heart and Soul…..but the first ROCK I learned and first song on guitar was Crazy Train by Ozzy”.

What do you miss the most when being on Tour?

Tom:” Definitely family and friends. There are some home creature comforts we miss at times. When playing in different countries or even other states in the US, it can be hard to find things like a good slice of Pizza!”

Do you get nervous before a performance? 

Tom:” Maybe a bit of anxious but not really nervous. One of the things we have in common in KILLCODE, is that we all feel at home on the stage and performing”

How do you balance your music with other obligations – Partner, children etc?

Tom:” It can be tough at times but we manage it because it’s not something we couldn’t do. Writing, playing and performing music live is a necessity to us. Our wives and girlfriends met us knowing that fact. They understand what comes with it and we are blessed that they help us make it work”.


2017 was a busy and eventful year for the native New Yorkers which saw the band once again tour the Globe, gaining masses of new fans, KILLCODE also entered into new countries in 2017 such as Switzerland Playing at The Riverside Auarburg Festival; Spain at The Rockfest In Barcelona, and Two dates in the UK The Hair Metal Heaven festival in Hull and The Hard Rock Hell Festival in Wales.

Rockrebel were lucky enough to see the band for the first time in the UK, at the Hair Metal Heaven Festival in Hull, the Band are an energising and refreshing crew of talented musicians that are in our opinion a breath of fresh air in the Rock Genre, and prove that there are bands that can carry the torch, they are an act that provides an invigorating, heavy and original feel that breathes new life into the genre.

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