Zakk Wylde was recently interviews by SongFacts. He was asked about the guitar based music at music awards shows. Here’s what he said:

He said: “Even when [BLACK] SABBATH and [LED] ZEPPELIN were ruling the world, pop music was still dominating everything then. I think if you looked at the Grammys back in 1974 or ’73 when ZEPPELIN and SABBATH were just crushing everything, nobody even mentioned them, even though they were setting attendance records. LED ZEPPELIN was doing stadiums, a bigger attendance record than THE BEATLES when they played at Tampa Stadium, but they weren’t even at the Grammys. They weren’t even probably nominated.”

He continued: “That’s what rock and roll has always been. Rock and roll was never invited to that party, ever. It’s the way it’s always been and it’s almost like one of these snooty parties that your sister used to go to. My sister went to Catholic school and they’d have all these little rich-girl parties that their friends would go to, that we never had anything in common with, so we’d be like the scumbag, dirtbag assholes. They’d never want to have anything to do with us… We’d sit there with our LED ZEPPELIN and our BLACK SABBATH records and ALLMAN BROTHERS records and they’re listening to Madonna and pop music and everything like that, and we’re going, ‘Let’s get the fuck out of here. What are we doing here, man? We wouldn’t hang out with anybody in this place anyways.’ So, that’s the way it’s always been. Here’s LED ZEPPELIN, the biggest band in the world, and they’re not even nominated.”

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